Home Exteriors offers entry, storm and patio doors from one of the most recognized manufacturers in the United States, ProVia. ProVia has a long standing reputation for providing professional quality doors made of the highest quality materials unlike consumer-grade doors you find at your local home improvement center. With a variety of style, hardware, and color options to choose from, we would be glad to help assist you in choosing the best door to suit your taste, needs and home’s architectural style.


Like all the products offered by Home Exteriors, all of the doors we offer are ENERGY STAR rated.

ENERGY STAR doors help reduce emissions into our environment and protect our earth. At the same time they also protect your family and your pocket book by:

  • Reducing Energy bills: Energy efficient doors can provide up to a 10% savings on energy bills. This could save you a few hundred dollars each year.
  • Comfort when it’s cold: Drafty chills near doors are eliminated with ENERGY STAR rated products. Their insulation properties keep them and you warm.
  • Protecting your home’s interior: Most ENGERY STAR doors with glass have a Low-E coating that can reduce fading by limiting exposure to sunlight by up to 75%.

Commercial Doors: Home Exteriors also carries a full line of commercial doors from Household Metals, Inc. that are great for churches, schools and offices.

If you have a question or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d be happy to consult with you on our energy efficient product lines.

View our full line of replacement doors at www.proviadoor.com